Let's Make A Contribution

Kannada Cultural Association of Southern California (KSA-SC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization primarily funded by donations and membership dues.  Please support us by becoming a member using the self service online or while attending one of our several events. The membership enables everyone to connect with a large Kannada community of Southern California as well as avail discounted prices for all our events.  

Keep your contact information updated

We would love to send you timely updates and share information on the activities via email and/or whats app. We can only do that with your cooperation by filling out your latest contact information (Name, email and phone). Please note that this is purely for KCA-SC communication purpose.

Ways to Donate

One time donation

Please join us in supporting a good cause. As part of digital initiative, KCA-SC will be helping charities raise funds. As a thank you to our beloved members contribution and their generosity, KCA-SC will match up to $500 to help the cause even further. Each month a new charitable organization will be chosen.

Note: PayPal account not needed

Corporate Donations

Most of the companies you work for donates to communities via two programs - Matching gift program and Volunteer hour incentives.​

Thank you to these companies and our members who work there who have availed of these incentives and helping out KCA. Boeing, Capital Group, Farmers insurance, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas, Bank of America.

​If your company has these kinds of programs, please participate and help with funds for KCA. If you need more information please feel free to contact President or Vice President

KCASC EIN: 95-3872468